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Ride your Style.

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Our Story

Makara cycles was founded in 2018 with one simple goal to make exhilarating bicycle experiences. To create solutions that would not only move people physically, but also emotionally. Solutions that create movements that can be cherished through the journey of life.

A bike with multiple personalities. Switch to create your own performance machine as per your style. Switch your style, not your ride.


Swap between handlebars for different  riding experiences, riding styles and feel.


 Choose the right saddle for the application and mix it up to match your comfort.


Complete your setup with a choice on how you put your power down.


Choose your tyres according to your terrain for extra edge in comfort and control.

Build kits for your every mood. Start with a preset style, switch as your riding evolves or create your own style.

Upgrade as you like. The Switch is designed with future performance and accessory upgrades in mind, as you grow as a rider. 


Optimise your ride experience with carriers, storage bags, bottle cages, hand pumps.


2x Head Tube mounts

6x  Top tube mounts

9x Top Bottom Tube mounts

3x Seat tube mounts


Rear carrier, Mudguard, Underframe Kickstand mounts.


Change your gear range,

Upgrade to hydraulic brakes

Or air suspension forks.

E-bike ready

Compatible with hub-driven electric-bike kits upto 750W.

Belt drive system compatible for zero maintenance drive.

Additional cable routing for throttle & wires.

Time to switch

Your journey towards a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle starts here.

Ride With us

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Limited 300 cycles of Makara Switch by October 2021.

Limited edition pre-orders includes:

Welcome kit

Shipping & Installation

7 day cycling experience with your switch bike.

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