Who are we ?

Makara cycles was founded in 2018 with one simple goal - to make exhilarating bicycle experiences. To create solutions that would not only move people physically, but also emotionally. Solutions that create movements that can be cherished through the journey of life.


The Makara Name

Makara’s are mythical hybrid-creatures that date back to thousands of years. The hybrid features and the ability to adapt, made it a symbol of strength, making them supreme guardians and choice of the legends.


The idea behind the name Makara came from the desire to create a unique riding experience that fulfils the travel needs of every man. To create bikes that can tackle terrain the world can throw at them. Essentially becoming an extension of the riders personality.

Our Approach



To focus on things that matter the most and strip away the non-essential



To be an important part of a larger journey, and affect how one lives their life



To be attentive towards the planet and its inhabitants in whatever we do.

Journey & Roadmap

August 2017

Started out from a garage, with an aim to build a new generation of bicycles for the bikers.

April 2018

First ever prototype of a the modular platform bike Created.

Tested and data collected for improvement from the manufacturing.

September 2018

Secured first round of funding.

February 2019

Prototyped Components and Internal gearbox concepts. 

June 2019

MVP's ready, testing commences.

October 2019

Redesign process based on user feedback and updated ergonomics.

November 2020

Manufacturing of production design and finalisation of vendor base.

February 2021

Pre-launch of Makara Switch.

April 2021

On-ground testing and pre-launch campaign scheduled.

August 2021

Pre-order campaign ends.

Manufacturing setup and sourcing commences.

Jan 2022

Delivery of orders begin.