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Switch Geometry

The Makara Switch reimagined traditional geometry to be enjoyed by amateurs and pros alike. The propratery geometry is designed to be confidence inspiring by placing the rider in a position that he can ride for hours. Based on cross country riding preferences, the Switch offers predictable response across multiple speeds and terrain. 


The optimally raised stack gives relaxed riding even over longer distances on or off the saddle. Forward ride stance improves steering response and feedback. Normalised for rider CG height across all sizes, all riders can experience the same performance benefits and riding experience. Short seat post height to slap down the seat for better agility, riding off into the trails.


Breaking stereotypical bike fit dimensions for freedom to express your own riding style, the Switch geometry offers progressive stack and reach options for predictable bike fit across male and female riders between 5’3” - 6’3”. Our sizing is designed for a relaxed but confidence inspiring riders triangle with options to go aggressive or relaxed based on your riding position preference.


The base geometry is designed to be suitable across various terrains roads, off-roading, endurance riding or backpacking, while also being comfortable to novice riders to begin exploring their passion.

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Why Steel

In the hunt for a comfortable ride, rugged reliability and sustainable lifecycle steel was an obvious choice. Steel is considered more of a traditional alternative to the likes of carbon and aluminium bikes available today. While carbon and aluminium are great performance machines that need their dose of manicures and extra care, steel is naturally built to endure the wild world out there.. Even though steel is perceived as low tech, some modern steels available today are as strong or stronger than aluminium or carbon bikes today with better strength and lifespan. 


But the reason our choice was steel is to bring out the characteristics of the material into the ride quality of the bike. Bring in extra comfort and a forgiving ride even when pushed hard.. After all, what is the use of power if the rider is not comfortable enough to put it down on the ground. So unless you're racing down a track or setting segment times, the extra comfort will add to your ride experience and let you add more miles to your pedal strokes.

Keep pedalling. The Switch comes with services designed to keep you focussed on cycling.

 Doorstep Delivered

The Switch comes in a knock down kit delivered to your doorstep in a reusable case, that you can repack and be ready for your next adventures. 

DIY friendly build architecture that will keep you riding on and on, easily assembled with 3 tools or inspected and assembled by trained technicians.

 Extended Care

All the love that your bike needs in one curated extended care package. Part replacements and periodical maintenance and care right at your doorstep and get spares delivered even at the middle of no-where.