Cycling Was My Way Out In This Pandemic

Is Cycling really better than online zumba class !

When COVID 19 started and all of us got restricted in our movements with a lot of our favourite workout places getting shut, staying active became quite a challenge. It sure was for me. I started WFH from march (still going) and I didn't have a workstation set up at home or mini office place in the corner. I used to sit in my living room, on a couch with my coffee table as my workstation and my laptop on top. That same spot became my dining area and coz my TV is also there so my entertainment area too. So practically, I was just in one place from the moment I woke up to the time I went off to sleep.

Now I was used to an intense workout routine in the pre-covid times so people suggesting ‘simply standup and stretch’, didn’t really entice me. This was not gonna give me any adrenaline rush that I used to get with my workouts! I thought running was the way to go. I could go out, stay away from people and sprint away to get that intensity I craved. It went great the first day. Out in the nature, enjoying the fresh air(it was actually fresh those days) , pushing myself to run faster…like a dream! Just the third day though I slipped while pushing myself and twisted an ankle. :D Dream shattered. Luckily it was just a sprain and I could walk properly in a week. But going back outside to run didn’t seem like a great idea anymore. What was the other thing that could give me the same thrill and was easy on my joints - a cycle.

I didn’t know that cycling is actually good for the joints, even arthritis patients are suggested to cycle by doctors !! The best part was that I did not need to ride super fast to get that intensity(like in case of running). I found a nice inclined road near my home and trust me that 1 min ascend was enough for my glutes. One can really build their endurance with cycling. The cherry on the top was I could go places. I know everyone has cars and motorbikes, but its so easy to pick up a bicycle and just roam around, especially places where you can’t take motor cars and bikes. I couldn’t believe how much more motivating it was to explore areas I had never seen before.

I didn't need to buy a fancy (and super expensive) home gym like my friend did. I could stay active with cycling and when the gyms open up eventually I don't need to give it up - I can use it as my pre workout. Plus did I tell you that you could go places with it !! :D

I started cycling as an activity but it became much more than that and I’m glad I got into it :)