How I Miss The Joy Of Cycling

And Why I want to go back to cycling

So recently I read an article by Karen Stabiner, who’s a regular in NY times, WSJ, LA times, and she made me go back to one of my fondest memories in childhood - The feeling I used to get on my bicycle when I was 10. It wasn’t a fancy, technological marvel like you get today but a bare bones ‘ATLAS’ cycle. It wasn’t pretty either. But I used to love it.

Pedalling across the street in front of my home, with my friends, pretending to be racers. Racing like there was a prize waiting at the end. The adrenaline rush we used to get.The sense of freedom, the feeling that no one could touch you.

She mentions a line in the article that really got to me which goes something like this - “Set aside the cliché about never forgetting how to ride a bike…You never forget how you feel when you ride a bike, never lose the memories tied to the fleeting experience”.

And that really sums it really :) Getting back to feel the same as a 10 year old, the feeling of the wind in my hair like I used to back then. That’s what I need (especially in current times) and with our lives being like they are, this’ll be the thing that connects back to myself again.