Hydration Is The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle

Got a ride planned this weekend? Staying hydrated on a bicycle ride can really keep your energy levels.

Why do I need to hydrate myself?

You pedal, you exert energy, you sweat and you lose a lot of fluids. You lose fluids, your body feels discomfort and energy drops. Your energy drops and your posture goes bad, your are not able to put down as much power and you will tire out sooner.

You don't realise you lose as much perspiration on a cycle because you're constantly against the wind when you're riding.

So let's hydrate then.

Depending on your pace of riding and the weather, it's recommended that you drink water once in 15-20min of riding.

Want to push yourself further?

Yes, there are occasions where just water isn't enough. Maybe you are doing an extreme 50km ride or more, maybe the weather is harsh or maybe your body just doesn't feel like its peppy usual self, it's worth knowing what you could do to ease the stress on your ride.

While just drinking water replenishes the water, you also need to replace nutrients. While these nutrients are replaced naturally from a healthy diet, you also have different glucose and nutrient packs products that will replenish the nutrients when you need it the most.