If I had the right bike I would…. use it to commute to office

Season 1 Episode 1

Ok maybe it’s the numerous TV series I’ve watched over the years but I like the idea of commuting to work by a cycle. I like to use my cycle for something more than just exercising. Why not club it with another activity! And what’s better than the gruel commute to work. Now I say gruel coz I live in Delhi which is notoriously famous for its traffic situation. And not just the regular rush hour congestion, but these new modern age traffic jams which can happen anywhere, anytime. These are situation and time independent !

Well, I’ve of course tried to use the public transport, duh! Delhi metro is one of the best things that ever happened to the city but honestly lets face it - being squished by an enormous swamp of people while gasping for air isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, that’s when they actually ‘let’ you board a train !!

So the situation is this, a city halted by the traffic and public transport being out of bounds. Enter the saviour - the good ‘ol cycle. Imagine me as Joseph Gordon-Lewitt from the movie “Premium Rush”, zig-zagging through the streets, dodging cars, buses, pedestrians, and making navigating decisions with sci-fi graphics in a split second!!

All this was great, but there still was one problem. I was no Gordon-Lewitt riding a single speed with no brakes. Nor were the roads in such pristine condition like New York! A road bike would be a nightmare on the pristine pot holes on the road (or the lack of roads in some sections). But the mountain bike will be no good if I found a good stretch and needed to speed up. I need a bit of both. A do it all bike, equipped to handle anything. That means a hybrid.

Now in a sensible world, a hybrid bike would just be a standard bike, and all the specialist bike types would have their own particular names. But since world isn’t sensible, its hard to find a half decent hybrid bike. Most of them have a poor drive train, which can’t take the brunt of all the terrains. Then is the geometry which isn’t tuned for comfort. But the most important aspect missing in my opinion is the ability to turn it into a full road or full gravel when you want. And not just the small stuff like removing fenders and all but the ability to upgrade, you know !

Since I could not find such a bike yet, the commute to office will have to remain a movie fantasy for now.