The Best Tool To Lose That WFH Weight

Weight loss is a cumbersome activity, I know! But combine it with cycling and you have a fun and easy way to achieve it. Now I can immediately imagine people thinking “Can it help me lose belly fat, though?”. To them I say chill! First let me get this clear - Spot reduction is a myth. It is not possible to reduce fat in one specific area by exercising that part alone. So answer to the question is yes and no. Yes, eventually you’d be able lose those extra kilos around the waist but no, cycling won’t magically remove fat from one area. The effects of cycling are a lot wholesome for the body.

Now don’t think that you need to ride like Tour de France on the road to achieve your goal. I mean if you can it will definitely help to lose weight , but that isn’t the only way. Instead, taking slow, long rides help you burn a lot of fat as well. Best thing is that long rides builds endurance, which in turn will later help you to ride hard.

Now you’ll be thinking - “Slow and Long?? How’s that possible? ”. See, your leg muscles are the biggest muscle group in your body. The more you train them, the more energy is needed to move them. This means when you cycle, you will automatically burn more calories. Plus training legs generates something called a “afterburn effect” where the body keeps burning calories even after the workout is finished. Pretty cool, right?

But there are some additional things you need to keep in mind. First is nutrition. Just because you need to lose weight, does not mean that you’ll cut down on your food. Everything in moderation is fine. Because cycling increases muscle growth in legs, you need to increase the amount of protein intake in your diet otherwise you’ll start losing muscle mass instead. Next thing is Upper body. Because cycling primarily focusses on lower body, it is good to combine it with a little upper body workout to keep the muscles volume intact.

So stick with cycling a few weeks, make a plan, remember all the things above and you’ll start to see the difference.