The little things that’ll keep your bike in pristine condition

How to clean your bike

The Setup

So you’ve gotten your bike out in the open area to wash. First thing is to set it up right. Ideally keep the bike off the ground so that the dirt doesn’t splash back on your cycle ( if you have a bike stand, great!!). If you think you need a pressure washer, you’re mistaken. These can end up stripping important grease form bearings and damaging your suspension – this isn’t something you want! Keep a bucket, a brush or a sponge and a hose connected to water and some regular cleaning product at your home.

Rinse and Foam

Start with rinsing the bike with the hose from top to bottom. Fill some water in the bucket, and use the brush with some cleaning agent to foam the whole bike starting from the front. Do the same to the tyres removing dirt between the treads, then the rims and the sidewalls. Here the soap bubbles may also help you identify some puncture which went unnoticed.

For the drive train, clear any dirt and debris between cogs or stuck onto jockey wheels then scrub lightly with a brush.

Wash it clean

Using the hose, rinse the whole bike to remove the foam. Here, you can also inspect your bike for any damage otherwise gone unnoticed. Rotate the pedals at the same time allowing water to run freely through the links on the chain

Let it Dry

Let the bike stand in a dry, sunny area. Use a clean cloth to remove any excess water over the bike.

Touch Up

As soon as the bike is dry, you need to lube the chain drive. Put some water repellant product on the bearings. You can also apply a silicone polish on the frame with a microfibre cloth. This again will help prevent any damage from dirt and moisture.

How often?

Honestly, that can vary based on your environment and riding habits. Well that's why its debatable, and everyone has their own opinion. And why not? If you can have a particular opinion on bringing up a child, then why not about handling a bicycle? I don’t know too much about what levels of efficiency a child can produce based on the care you provide, but a bike is known to produce anywhere between 65-95% efficiency depending upon the condition of your bike(especially the drivetrain). So straighten out that collar, smack that chip off the shoulder, Get to know her a little more.