What I did when Starting into Cycling! Maybe you should too!

The only stuff you need to know when starting out.

We all mostly have cycled in our childhood. Its simple - get out and pedal. Riding a cycle is one of the first instances in your life when you’d have experienced freedom. You know what I’m talking about !

But people make it sound so intimidating these days. Its easier than it seems. Still if you feel its daunting this could help.

Getting on a bike and riding couldn't be simpler, though there are a few things that are worth remembering.

1. Knowing what’s the right bike for you ?

First things first, a cycle. Gone are the days when your parents bought the average Joe for you to ride. Putting a little thought into choosing the right cycle suited to your surrounding environment will elevate your riding experience multiple folds. Trust me!! A few pointers that you need to keep in mind are Size or fit, Terrain,, Drivetrain,Riding geometry, Weight, and of course Budget ( in this order) . You know what’s best for you and this will help you narrow down the perfect bike for you. I won’t go into detail here, but I will write a post specifically on this topic.

2. The Gear !

So you have a cycle. Next up is some gear to keep you safe and comfortable. That is a helmet. I know most of usnever wore a helmet while cycling as a kid but its absolutely essential. You can easily take your bikes to speeds of 30-40 kmph on road and 5-15 kmph off-road, so its better to be safe than sorry. Comfort is of also important when it comes to helmets so choose one which fits your head well.

Additionally something that every cyclist would definitely recommend are a good pair of gloves, it will keep you relaxed and the extra padding acts as a cushion between your skin and the grips. Besides its also safer.

3. What you wear

Then comes apparel. Now I’m not the one who’d recommend you to buy the most fancy fitness jersey available but you have to be comfortable in what you wear. Wear something weather appropriate and preferably in brighter colours so that you’re more visible while riding ( and of course look cool 😎 ).

One thing which you will soon realise you should have got while starting out are cycling shorts, you know, the ones with the padding. You can effortlessly ride more just by being comfortable on the saddle.

4. Nutrition

I feel this is something that is overlooked quite often but is quite simple actually. Cycling is essentially a workout for your body and it would need to adjust to this new lifestyle. Just like water, right nutrition plays a big role here. While Pre-ride nutrition will keep you energised while riding , Post-ride nutrition will increase your rate of recovery.

5. Have fun !

Riding bikes is all about having fun so I’d say forget the unsaid rules and just start riding. Don’t stress too much on not doing much or finding a group of pros to get competitive with. As you’ll spend more time on the saddle, you’ll learn more about your own riding preferences and your own fun things to do cycling. Be it incorporating some amount of fitness into our lives, an occasional office commute, weekend rides to experience the nature outdoors, or just a ride with friends to enjoy the sunset. . So give it time!!